My Mother’s Son (2012) [Short Film]

Luke as Ricky’s father

Directed by: Maria Caruana Galizia
Written by: Edward Caruana Galizia
Produced by: Maria Caruana Galizia
Cinematographer: Graham Vasey
Genre: Drama


When out-of-place loner Ricky becomes a father his thoughts are cast back to his mother who abandoned him as a child.

He travels to his mothers  native Newcastle in a hope to discover once and for all if his similarity to her is merely superficial or if his own fate is mapped out in his past.

Ricky is both protagonist and antagonist in his own struggle to find much needed assurance in himself. The story explores the concept of identity, whether its political, superficial or something deeper that pre-determines our actions before we even know ourselves.

The challenge of this film lies in the filmmakers and writers choice to forgo the use of dialogue and rely on limited voice over, sound, music and above all, images to convey Ricky’s journey.


My Mother’s Son is a short experimental film. Completed in 2012, the film screened at the Golden Knight Film Festival.

The film, written by Edward Caruana Galizia, is an intense and playful piece about liberation from a fraught maternal bond. Speaking about the film, Edward said “People usually can tell where you are from just by looking at you. People look Italian, people look Spanish, English, Scandinavian etc. In a world where people look their nationality what happens to those who do not. Ricky, with his distinctive blond features, is an example of this. He is neither fish nor fowl.

The film is about Identity and Newcastle is famous for it’s structures, buildings, in short it has a very unique identity of it’s own. Ricky’s journey and connection to his mother is firmly set in the city and we worked various elements of Newcastle and surround areas into the story.”

My Mother’s Son used a mixture of formats to communicate episodes in time and place. Cinematographer Graham Vasey experimented with lomo kino and DSLR cameras, as well as colour and camera movement.

  • Ricky: Edward Caruana Galizia
  • Ricky’s Mother: Sophie Ellwood
  • Ricky’s Father: Luke Evans
  • Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia
  • Executive Producer: Charles Said Vassallo
  • Executive Producer: Angela Bianchi
  • Executive Producer: Michael Mangion
  • Director: Maria Caruana Galizia
  • Writer: Edward Caruana Galizia
  • Cinematographer: Graham Vasey
  • Editor: Jonathan Jones
  • Composer: Edward Abela
  • Costume Design: Karen Lacey
  • Production Manager: Richard Cutts