Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Release Date

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, a biopic about Wonder Woman’s creators, stars Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote.

Coming off a dominant $103 million opening weekend, Wonder Woman has wrapped her Golden Lasso of Truth around pop culture in a big way. Indeed, director Patty Jenkins’s triumphant Wonder Woman solo film, starring Gal Gadot’s version of the heralded heroine, has effectively tapped wider audiences than typical comic book movies while serving as a zeitgeist education about the character’s Greek mythological origins. However, soon set to ride the Wonder Woman movie momentum is Annapurna Pictures’ Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, a biopic telling the fascinating tale of the trio who created the character back in 1941.

Now, after the first teaser trailer for this most intriguing of real-life comic book industry stories arrived, a release date has been finally revealed for October 27.