Q&A with Luke Evans


Actor Luke Evans stars in thriller The Girl On The Train, which was released this week. We spoke to the Welsh actor and Audi driver about what he gets up to when the cameras stop rolling

He’s slain a dragon in The Battle Of The Five Armies and played the vampiric Count in Dracula Untold, now Welsh actor Luke Evans is hitting cinema screens in blockbuster The Girl On The Train – an adaptation of the best-selling thriller that got commuters everywhere totally hooked. Audi and partner Curzon were delighted to host an advanced screening and exclusive Q&A with script editor Kate Leys and Oscar winning producer Mia Bays a few days ago, and we even managed to sit down with Luke before his Audi A8 picked him up for the airport…

London or LA? London is my home, it’s been my home for 20 years. I’ve wanted to live here ever since I was a child.

Heroes or villains? Both heroes and villains are fun to play as they both come with their own challenges. The Girl On The Train was a thoroughly rewarding experience, and getting to work with Emily Blunt was a bucket-list moment for me.

The book or the film? I’m not a huge bookworm, although I read a lot of scripts, which are like mini novels! If I’m shooting a film that is an adaptation of a book then of course I will read the book.

Rugby or football? Rugby has always been a family favourite sport in our household. We were brought up playing it, we were brought up watching it, and I still think one of the most amazing experiences you can have is watching Wales play at the Millennium Stadium.

Instagram or Twitter? Both are interesting platforms – Instagram is more arty but Twitter is more immediate.

Home or away? People ask me where I go on holiday, and my usual answer is home, because I spend so little time there.

Stage or screen? I don’t prefer one to the other, they are both incredible mediums. Theatre obviously is live and you have an audience but with film you’re able to tweak and redo scenes as you go along. They are too different for me to be able to choose one.

Drive or be driven? Probably the most rewarding experience in my life as a driver has been to drive an Audi car – from the R8 to the SQ5. Also, being driven in an A8 to a red carpet event always makes you feel a little bit royal!

Technophile or technophobe? I love technology and gadgets. It sometimes takes me a little while to get my head around some of them, but they’re amazing. Most of my house is digital and I can access most things from my iPhone.

Half-full or half-empty? Always half-full. I had a teacher who used to say, ‘Some people walk in the rain and others get wet.’

Cats or dogs? I don’t have any pets now but I had cats during my childhood. I’d love a dog, but sadly with all the travelling I do it’s too impractical.

Rule keeper or rebel? I think I’m probably more of a rebel than a rule keeper. Let’s just leave it there…

Beach or backpack? I backpacked around Southeast Asia for three months when I was 23 and I loved every second of it.

Night out or night in? I can enjoy a great night out as much as I can enjoy sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and the fire on.

High culture or pop culture? I like to mix up culture. Through Audi I’ve been to many ballets and operas which I have loved, but I quite like a bit of pop culture now and again too.

Written by Emma Barlow. Photographs by Alexander Rhind.